Catalyst Assurance Services provides a range of services through the following divisions to the oil and gas industry.

Specialist areas covered by the company include:

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A Few Words About Us

We’d like to introduce you to the quality assurance and quality control skills of Catalyst Assurance Services.

Our engineers have extensive experience and broad knowledge so that they can work on a wide spectrum of specialised offshore equipment including wellheads, blowout preventers (BOPs) and manufacturing facilities.

Catalyst Assurance Services was created to offer not only extensive expertise and an array of skills but to provide the most competitive and flexible service to clients.

For each project, a small team will be established in the host country so the client will not have to meet air fares or hotel costs, only agreed out-of-area expenses incurred within the country. Our day rates will still compare favourably with most competitors.

Catalyst Assurance has two main bases, with plans for expansion and growth as the company continues to build on its success. The first Location is Maadi, Cairo, Egypt where the company has been successful in winning contracts. The other location is in Great Yarmouth, England.

The company plan to open bases in the far east to service the Malaysia, Indonesia and China market as well as Scotland, Trinidad and Tobago and Brazil. This will enable the company to pursue its expansion program and service client requests.


The company started in 2010, founded by an expert who brings with him 30 years offshore experience, 15 of them in quality assurance and quality control services.

Founder Colin Watts was encouraged to set up the business by the satisfaction and testimonials of major clients he has worked with throughout the world, from Egypt to Trinidad.

Our team of senior QC engineers was carefully chosen to further enhance that reputation, whichever country they work in.

Catalyst Assurance Services provide suitably qualified and experienced Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Third Party Inspection personnel to work within the Suplly Chain of Operator Well teams to assure that equipment is delivered to schedule in a condition "Fit for Intended Use". The scope of serviced available are defined in three main categories:

Our HSE's Offshore Division at Catalyst Assurance Services plays a key role in our organsation.

Our mission is to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled.