Catalyst Assurance Services provides a range of services through the following divisions to the oil and gas industry.

Specialist areas covered by the company include:

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Catalyst Assurance Services Provide suitably qualifed and experienced Qiality Assurance, Quality Control and Third Party Inspection personnel to work within the Supply Chain of Operator Well teams to assure that equipment is delivered to schedule in a condition "Fit for Intended Use" and is fully compliant with applicable standards and regulations.

The scope of services available to Operator Wells Teams is defined in four main categories:

Within these services include:

1.0 Surveillance & Inspection
1.1 Attendance at pre-production meetings on behalf of the Operator Wells Team, technical expediting of supplier progress through delivery process to assure schedule compliance.
1.2 Review of source material certification and verification of traceability back to original mill certificates and validated proof of physical properties.
1.3 Carrying out inspection activities in line with agreed Quality Plans and equipment specific Inspection Checklists at supplier and sub-supplier premises.
1.4 Verification of competence of welders, machine operators, maintenance and manufacturing personnel involved in the build and preparation of drilling & completions equipment.
1.5 Review and endorsement of NDE reports, radiographs etc including a percentage witness of Welding and NDE operations to verify compliance to agreed procedures.
1.6 Attendance and representation at all Hold / Witness points defined by agreed Quality Plans and all key performance & function tests.
1.7 Perform document pack review together with visual and dimensional inspection prior to final acceptance and issue ‘Fit for Intended Use’ Release Notes for all equipment before shipping


2.0 Audit & Investigation
2.1 The design of Audit programmes to assure that suppliers within the Well construction supply chain are capable, competent and compliant with all applicable standards & regulations..
2.2 Conducting Supplier Qualification Audits as required, assessing the capabilities and competence of suppliers and sub-suppliers of drilling & completion equipment.
2.3 Tracking failure incidents and trends and conducting Failure Investigations as required, identifying root causes and developing strategies to remove the risk of reoccurrence.
2.4 Conducting Supplier Performance Audits as required, to review and define areas for improvement and develop action plans to drive agreed changes in process and practice.


3.0 Process Implementation & Procedure Refinement
3.1 Implement the Client Statement of Requirements System where appropriate to define equipment technical requirements and track Design, Manufacture & Test.
3.2 Implement the Catalyst Assurance Checklist process for specific drilling & completion equipment types as appropriate to ensure consistency of supplier Quality Control..
3.3 Implement supplier facility specific Quality Plans to cover manufactured equipment categories as appropriate to ensure consistency of supplier testing hold/witness points and QA..
3.4 Assist suppliers in the refinement of procedures and working practices in order to improve delivery cycles and align more effectively with Operator QA/QC processes.


4.0 Compliance Assurance & Training
4.1 Conducting Well Equipment Assurance Workshops for Operators & Suppliers on request, covering Risk Management, Materials, Regulations & Standards and NPT Reduction.
4.2 Install the Catalyst Assurance OCTG Knowledge Bank where requested to train local Operator and Supplier staff on the Oilfield Tubulars product categories, premium connections & standards.
4.3 Introduce the Best Practice Guidelines where requested to assist Operator Wells Teams in the planning, design, construction & maintenance of Wells.
4.4 Second Local Operator QA/QC staff to the in-country Catalyst Assurance team for fixed periods to train ‘on the job’ as Well Equipment Assurance Engineers.

The company started in 2010, founded by an expert who brings with him 30 years offshore experience, 15 of them in quality assurance and quality control services.

Founder Colin Watts was encouraged to set up the business by the satisfaction and testimonials of major clients he has worked with throughout the world, from Egypt to Trinidad.

Our team of senior QC engineers was carefully chosen to further enhance that reputation, whichever country they work in.

Catalyst Assurance Services provide suitably qualified and experienced Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Third Party Inspection personnel to work within the Suplly Chain of Operator Well teams to assure that equipment is delivered to schedule in a condition "Fit for Intended Use". The scope of serviced available are defined in three main categories:

Our HSE's Offshore Division at Catalyst Assurance Services plays a key role in our organsation.

Our mission is to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled.