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Grey nomads of oil and gas cap skills hole
Written by Administrator
Sunday, 15 July 2012 19:13
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Globe in OilAs he pushes into his mid-60s, no one – least of all employers – could admonish Rob Anderson for some well-earned golfing or a caravan-mounted souvenir spoon collection.

But instead of spending his days out on the links,  the oil and gas veteran – a fixture on the scene for 40 years – opted to keep working full-time on an offshore project in Papuan New Guinea.

He still receives several new job offers each week, as employers fight to keep Mr Anderson's generation in the industry, prolonging an almost inevitable generational gap in experienced skilled workers.

The Australian oil and gas sector needs about 90,000 additional workers over the next four years, according to the Federal Government.

The bolstered labour force would be needed to build and maintain seven big, additional liquefied natural gas projects worth more than $290 billion in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

And LNG is just one piece of the broader, growing Australian energy landscape.

To find those skilled workers, hungry gas-producing nations are competing fiercely for scarce labour and – according to global recruiters and academics – increasingly looking to people well into the usual retirement age, offering them incredible incentives to stay in the game.

In fact, demand for geologists, engineers, project managers and senior designers is at an all-time high, according to, the largest online energy job board in the world.

Australian universities and TAFEs produce about 9500 engineering graduates each year, compared to annual national demand of as high as 20,000 a year, according to the results of a senate inquiry into engineering skills shortages released on Thursday.

And Australia must compete globally to retain these scarce graduates, with skills shortages being felt world-wide. figures show their vacancies for engineers have increased by 71 per cent globally in the past year, while oil and gas job advertisements on the Australian site increased by a staggering 94 per cent.


The company started in 2010, founded by an expert who brings with him 30 years offshore experience, 15 of them in quality assurance and quality control services.

Founder Colin Watts was encouraged to set up the business by the satisfaction and testimonials of major clients he has worked with throughout the world, from Egypt to Trinidad.

Our team of senior QC engineers was carefully chosen to further enhance that reputation, whichever country they work in.

Catalyst Assurance Services provide suitably qualified and experienced Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Third Party Inspection personnel to work within the Suplly Chain of Operator Well teams to assure that equipment is delivered to schedule in a condition "Fit for Intended Use". The scope of serviced available are defined in three main categories:

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